What results can I expect from Acupuncture Facelifts Treatment?

As the treatment is totally natural and is working with the body’s energy, you will feel revitalized all over. Your general sense of well being will be improved. This is a fantastic alternative to medical and chemical treatments.

You will notice that lines on the face start to fade as Acupuncture facelifts treatment progresses. There is also a new firmness about the skin, which can be particularly evident in the jaw line, ”jowls’ and the sides of the cheeks. The whole face receives treatment at every session, but also specific areas can be targeted to focus on your requirements. This can be discussed at the initial consultation and also continuously throughout subsequent treatments.

In FEA we are using acupuncture points on other parts of the body other than the face, so you will notice benefits to your overall health and well being. Patients have reported cases of muscle aches and pains that have improved and also some eye conditions have shown significant improvement after a number of treatments.

Any specific conditions can be discussed at the initial consultation and if at all possible these conditions may be able to be addressed during the treatments.

Areas we might wish to focus on during Treatment may include:

• Helping in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions
• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• Lifting drooping eyelids
• Tightening your pores
• Reducing the appearance of bags under your eyes
• Moisturizing your skin and improving tone
• Brightening your eyes
• Helping you to look and feel younger
• How soon will I see results?

We are all individuals and therefore react to treatment in totally different ways, it is always advisable to embark on a ‘course’ of treatment to maximize the effects of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. However, improvements can be evident after the first treatment. Many patients have reported significant enhancements in skin tone and quality after only three or four visits.

Is this acupuncture facelifts treatment suitable for me?

Perhaps you have considered facial surgery in the past, but do not really want to go down that route, many different people can benefit from Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. Although the effects of acupuncture can be profound, they cannot replace the results of a surgical procedure. However the results should be more subtle and natural looking.

This acupuncture facelifts treatment is great for treating skin problems such as acne or poor skin tone. It also works with the body to help combat these conditions from within. Patients will generally feel an all over improvement after treatment, both physically and spiritually.

Perhaps you feel that age is catching up with you and that your skin is starting to show signs of wear and tear, if that is the case then acupuncture is the ideal treatment for you. It will revitalize your skin and give it a new feeling of life.

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