Productivity is critical to your success at work. Business owners, managers and executives all want to get the most from their employees. If you’re not performing as efficiently or effectively as others, your long-term job prospects could be in trouble.

Staying productive at work or at home can sometimes be a challenge. If you find yourself having trouble being productive at work, here are a couple tips that might be help you increase productivity at work.

Increase Productivity at Work without paying a Dime!

Exercise at the Office to Increase Productivity

It is important to take breaks every 1-2 hours for 5 minute stretching, guzzling water, stomach breathing techniques, giving yourself a quick scalp massage, and even jumping jacks. The key is to get your blood moving again and give yourself a brain break.

In addition, the endorphins release during exercise changes your memory and thinking skills. Our body contain these natural hormones and mechanisms to help us naturally, so why not use them!

Breathing Techniques at Work

Have you watched a small child sleeping? Did you notice how they breath? Their belly physically rises and falls – this is a natural breathing method. But as we get older, the way we breathe changes. Especially when we’re stressed or alarmed, our bodies operate on our more primitive “fight, flight, or freeze” instincts, and we take short, fast breaths to prepare for danger.  Breathing in this state only uses the top 1/3 of your lungs. You must engage all levels of your entire lung. Benefits of stomach breathing results in better digestion, less stress, and increased focus ability. Do this once every hour at work.


  1. Close your eyes
  2. Breathe in slowly for 5 seconds by pushing out your stomach AND expand your lungs
  3. PAUSE at the top for 2 seconds
  4. Release and breathe out slowly for 5 seconds. If possible close your throat a little bit to produce a cleansing breath sound.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

Move over Coffee, Drink more Water

Your body weight is made of 60% water. Water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells, and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. It is great for your skin, reduces headaches, boosts energy, and increases brain power. Even mild dehydration can make you less efficient at work. Men should drink 3.7 liters (1 Gallon) and women should be drinking around 2.7 (3/4 of a gallon).

Keep in mind the easiest way to tell if you are hydrated is to look at your urine.

  • Light yellow or similar to water, you are in the clear and doing great!
  • Vibrant or dark yellow or very aromatic then you need to start drinking more water.
  • If you are interested in replacing electrolytes add just a pinch of mineral salt to your water.

Always remember to use the restroom when you first get the urge. Holding urine can cause an increase in bacteria leading to urinary tract infections.

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