Hi! I’m Kristen, owner and creator of  KLivFit. I’d like the chance to help you change your health forever, for real. Change so real that you are never the same as you are now. You’re better. Here’s my story and why I can help you.

Less Stress & More Living – The answer is Inside…You

Helping my clients experience improvements physically, mentally, and emotionally through fitness is one of my highest privileges. Exercise is the best medicine for disease prevention and stress relief. The physical discipline of exercise has been proven to positively influence behaviors beyond the body, and it is that whole-life change that keeps me passionate about this career. I’d like the chance to help you change your health forever, for real. Change so real that you are never the same as you are now. You’re better. Here’s why I can help you.


  • Bachelor’s degree in English/Physical Education
  • Master’s degree in Education/Exercise Physiology
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • ACE CPT~Heath Coach~Instructor
  • TRX trainer

27 Years of Experience and Publications

What started as a part-time college job teaching aerobics at a YMCA, turned into a career built on helping people. Along the way, I’ve earned a master’s degree in exercise science, published research on exercise adherence and managed fitness departments. I instructed college classes, presented on fitness videos and at industry conferences. I’ve created international group fitness programs, coached countless classes and clients, and launched my own company, KLivFit. When looking back over my timeline, my career in fitness has been life-changing, most especially for me.

Helping Others

Making a difference for someone else caught my attention as a youthful 19-year-old. I had known what it felt like to want to be more fit from my high school sport days. I knew what kind of work was necessary after training myself so I could get off the bench and play. Effort that resulted in accomplishing my goal was personally satisfying. But what I saw this time was different. I was watching someone see themselves differently, actually be different, because of how we had worked together. That interaction started a trajectory for my life even before I knew it. I suppose like most things for teenagers, working in fitness started selfishly for me; I wanted to stay in good shape and make a few bucks. But it became much more.

Over the last 27 years, I’ve seen lots of people change, strengthen, lose weight, improve performance and feel more confident. I’ve been in front of thousands of group fitness participants pushing their limits and loving it. Have had hundreds of private conversations, laying out plans for improving habits and behaviors. I’ve had the ultimate privilege of loving my job, every day, doing every job imaginable in fitness and actually surviving in a profession that is often just a side gig.

I look forward to meeting some of you! – Kristen

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