Giving birth is one of the best experiences a women can have in her entire lifetime. It is one of the most intense and difficult experiences women go through. Your hips just moved more than they ever have before!  The rest of your body has worked really hard as you coped with contractions, lying in hospital beds, and pushing a baby out!  Think of how tense your entire body was and how hard it worked throughout labor.

Chiropractor Treatment is needed after giving birth. A chiropractor experienced in the care of pregnant/postpartum women can also show you the best position to sit, tips on posture when nursing, how to lift your baby in and out of car seats and cribs and recommend other healthcare providers that could assist you in your life with baby. Yes, this is a time that we are focused on that new baby and who wouldn’t be?

Here are some reasons why you need chiropractor treatment after giving birth:

Postural Issues

Some women complain of neck/back pains, some even develop misalignment in their hip bones. Most mothers also have the tendency of swaying back and forth when holding their baby, with their pelvis in a forward position. Chiropractor treatment will help fix the postural issues. Dr. Travis Baker, at Balanced Body in Omaha, will help you identify the best position for breast feeding, swaying, and more.


Chiropractor treatment will also help treat pregnancy-related Sciatica. Sciatica is one of the many symptoms of an underlying issue in the lower spine; you can feel it as a leg pain, with a tingling or numbing sensation. Click here for more information on sciatica.  For pregnant women, it is a product of the expansion of the uterus and the weight of the baby. This expansion doesn’t automatically pop on its own after giving birth; that’s why sciatica still happens during postpartum. Chiropractic care has always been a recommendation for patients with sciatica, especially for women who just gave birth. Chiropractors perform manipulations to let the body initiate the healing faster by itself. Chiropractor treatment doesn’t use any drug or synthetic medication, which makes it the primary reason why they are best for new moms, especially those who are breastfeeding.

Postpartum Depression

As mentioned in the previous items, dealing with all the physical pains after giving birth can cause new moms to have postpartum depression. Unless women are educated that these pains are not normal, they are going to let it steal away the joy of motherhood. Postpartum depression can cause women to withdraw themselves from people – fear of being unable to get back in shape for good, fear of having pain during sexual intercourse, and worse, indifference toward their newborn baby.

Waking up for almost 24 hours each day is difficult for new found moms, it makes them be easily agitated and irritated. this is why it is their due right to be free from physical pain while taking care of their newborn babies. Chiropractor treatment offers an alternative way to treat these issues using the techniques of biomechanics alteration. This natural way of treating the body does not affect breastfeeding among mothers; breastfeeding is the most obvious way for the mother and baby to bond well.  Chiropractic care can positively influence the emotional improvement among mothers, resulting to better wellbeing. Chiropractic care can help women have better physical health. Better health, as we all know, is better living.


After giving birth, whether, via CS or normal vaginal delivery, a woman’s body will go through a process of reconstruction. Not all women believe that it is going to be the same again. Most women who experience pain after giving birth, seem to incorporate the pain as a part of their normal daily lives. Although it does take time for the body to recover from depression and stress, it is not right to accept all the unnecessary pains as normal.

Chiropractors are there to help your body make the recovery process faster. They will also help normalizes pelvic and spinal movements, which are the most affected during prenatal and postnatal days. With chiropractors by your side, you are guided with proper posture before you develop another problem out of it.

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