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Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great clients at Balanced Body Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Omaha. See how our services have helped them!

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Dr. Baker has helped me with hamstring issues, relaxation/stress management, bicep issues, and hip alignment. I met him at The Women’s Tri Expo a couple years ago in West Omaha and our values aligned immediately! My only other options were pain meds and I did not want to go that route. I regularly see him for wellness on a regular schedule and have referred many of my clients to him as well!


As a very happy patient of Dr. Baker’s, I’m delighted with his service and especially that he is moving even closer to Lakeside. He not only helped my hand situation, but every other situation (back, legs, etc.) that has come up.


I was learning that acupuncture was very effective not only with body pain due to accidents, but also with illness. My back muscles were spasming so bad I had trouble standing straight. Dr. Baker worked with me and the spasms are gone. Dr. Baker is also very good at listening and is very open to new information.

Thank you, Dr. Baker.


Dr. Baker has been able to quickly grasp and zero-in on my ailments. The treatments are very relaxing and the office environment and the staff contribute to the experience of calm and efficiency. I’ve also gone to Dr. Baker for acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs to boost my immune system when I feel I may be coming down with a cold or flu and they worked. No drugs and no dependency on longterm prescriptions. Acupuncture is known to help all kinds of things and I plan to have it be my first line of defense in the future.


Upon leaving Dr. Baker’s office after my first treatment, I felt better than I had in a couple years. I could tell right away that he had made a difference in my life. After another three treatments in six months, I was off all medications pertaining to migraines and I continue to seek treatment on an as-needed basis. I recommend acupuncture to all my friends and family and truly believe in its effectiveness. Thank you, Dr. Baker.


I had been limping for two months and finally after I saw Dr. Baker I no longer limped. My regular foot doctor said nothing could be done to release the pain in my knee, but Dr. Baker proved him wrong.


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