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From growing up on a farm, competing and coaching sports, to meeting his wife, and having two girls, Dr. Travis Baker has given his all in everything he set it out to do. 

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Why You Should Use Active Release Technique (ART)

When dealing with the body’s soft-tissue—muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons—treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture may only briefly alleviate the problems you’re dealing with. By using ART, we can specifically target each muscle group within your body. ART helps us break down the scar tissue that has built up over old injuries that can create inflammation and pain in numerous places.

Common Problems Treated with ART

The buildup of scar tissue occurs when a lack of blood flows freely through your body to injured areas. Whether from bad posture, muscle tension, or constant pressure from sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, these issues can all relate to decreased blood flow.

Active release technique can provide some relief from your discomfort. The most common problems that we treat with ART are:


Back and neck pain


Fascia and nerve entrapment


Frozen shoulder


Headaches and migraines


Knee problems


Muscle and joint pain

(carpal tunnel syndrome, overused muscles from repetitive labor or work)


Plantar fasciitis


Tendons and ligament injuries


Tennis elbow



How Our ART Services Can Help You

As Dr. Baker is full-body-certified, meaning he completed courses in upper and lower Extremities, as well as spinal techniques, he will work with each client to identify where an adhesion has formed, then apply tension to affected tissue while taking muscles through an active range of motion. This begins breaking up scar tissue, promotes active healing, and gives muscles fibers the ability to realign, which then reduces inflammation and pain.

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